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getinvolved_homepage.jpgOpen Primaries is a movement of diverse Americans who believe in a simple, yet radical idea: no American should be required to join a political party to exercise his or her right to vote. 

The mission of Open Primaries is to advocate for open and nonpartisan primary systems, counter efforts to impose closed primaries, educate voters, train and support spokespeople, and participate in the building of local, state and national open primaries coalitions. 

During the progressive era, partisan primary elections were enacted to curb the power of party bosses and bring voters into the process of selecting party nominees. Today, 40% of voters do not wish to enroll in a political party, and closed primaries bar them from voting. 

Closed primaries also make it more difficult for new coalitions to form and for Americans--both voters and elected officials--to come together across ideological lines.  

Open Primaries' commitment is to public education and to leading legal, legislative and direct ballot initiative campaigns to enact and protect open primaries. 

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    Open Primaries Commends Report Encouraging a Shift to Nonpartisan Primaries in Mississippi


    January 28, 2015

    CONTACT:  Kellie Ryan (646) 205-0293 ~ kryan@openprimaries.org ~ www.openprimaries.org 

    This week, Open Primaries, a national political reform organization, commended the Mississippi Secretary of State for urging that the Mississippi legislature adopt a fully open and nonpartisan election system.  On January 16, the Secretary of State’s 2014 Committee to Review Election Laws (CREL) issued a formal recommendation for the adoption of a Top Two Nonpartisan Primary system.  Should the legislature follow the advice, all Mississippi elections—including for Congress—would be conducted along nonpartisan lines.

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    Urge Senator Schumer to stand up for election reform in New York

    blog_schumer.jpgOpen Primaries and the Independence Party of New York City have partnered to urge U.S. Senator Charles Schumer to play a leadership role in the growing movement to enact open primaries and empower independent voters.

    Senator Schumer has already stood up for this reform in the New York Times, and now we want him to do something about it. Everyone knows that New York politics is corrupt. 

    Enacting Top Two nonpartisan primaries in New York and other states would not be a cure all, but it would give "we the people" more capacity to impact what goes on in Albany and Washington and allow independents — the fastest growing segment of the electorate — the capacity to fully participate.

    Our goal is to get thousands of signatures on our petition by March 13th and we need your help and support to make this happen.

    Sign the open primaries petition now!

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    Americans are dissatisfied with government leadership

    9-ujaab6x065wgvh5lzprg.pngAmericans named "government leadership" as their top concern in Gallup's latest poll on problems facing the U.S. For the first time since Gallup began polling Americans on their biggest concerns in 2001, government — including President Barack Obama, the Republicans in Congress and general political conflict — led the list. The trend of dissatisfaction with our political system among Americans has been growing since 2012. It's time we did something about it.

    If we are to change the way our elected officials work for the American people, we must change how they are elected. In many partisan states, members of congress are elected in the primary, because the candidate for that party almost always wins the general election. This means most of our current members of congress were elected by a very small percentage of partisan voters who were allowed to and showed up to vote in the primary election.

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