• 86% of Americans believe the government is broken
  • 43% of Americans identify as politically independent
  • In many states, less than 5% of voters are deciding who represents 100% of that district or state
  • Primaries are conducted with taxpayer dollars. Independent voters are paying for elections they are being excluded from

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What's Happening Around the Country

  • Activists in Florida are circulating a petition to place nonpartisan primary reform on the 2016 ballot.
  • Congressman John Delaney (D-MD) introduced the Open Our Democracy Act, which calls for the use of nonpartisan primaries for all congressional races in the country.
  • The Montana Republican Party has filed a lawsuit suing the state of Montana for the right to close their primaries to independent voters.
  • Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson is leading the movement for nonpartisan eletions in Arizona.

Open Our Democracy Act

U.S. Maryland Congressman John Delaney’s Open Our Democracy Act would implement Top Two primaries for all congressional races, declare election day a national holiday and establish a committee to investigate the feasibility of redistricting reform.

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Open Primaries has partnered with Congressman Delaney to pass the Open Our Democracy Act.