Open Primaries

Why America Needs Nonpartisan Elections

The American people are fed up with partisan politics. In a recent Gallup poll Americans named dissatisfaction with government as the number one problem facing our country today. To change the way our elected officials work for the American people, we must change how they are elected. We need to start with the first round of voting, the primaries.

The fight for nonpartisanship

November 28, 2016

Open Primaries in the News

Open-primary advocates want Sanders’ support

November 10, 2016

Open Primaries in the News

Westly: California’s top-two primary is working

Reclaiming Democracy for the Voters

"Fixing our political system is firmly on the national agenda, and that must include allowing all voters to participate equally," -- John Opdycke, President of Open Primaries.

The Movement in 2016

Key moments in the fight for Open Primaries in 2016:

  • 86% of Americans believe the government is broken
  • 43% of Americans, including 50% of Millennials, identify as politically independent
  • 70% of Americans support open primaries
  • Primaries are conducted with taxpayer money. The closed presidential primaries in 2016 cost taxpayers a quarter billion dollars, yet left out 26.3 million voters

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