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Partisan politics is not working for the American people. Congress has an abysmal approval rating and cannot legislate, much less innovate. We need new ways to conduct our political and civic life, but the political parties continue to assert their control over our voting and governing processes. The parties view gridlock as the solution, not the problem!

Endorse the open primaries movement and be a part of a growing coalition of diverse Americans working to educate and organize voters in all 50 states.

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Russell Drewry
I red Mickey Edwards book “The Parties vs. the People” and was intrigued by his recommended solutions. One of which is holding what he called “open integrated primaries”. Open Primaries is the first organization that has that goal.
tammy becker
Open primaries grants ALL registered voters the ability to vote based on their opinion not based on their party. This grants everyone the ability to be a part of the whole process and will increase overall voter turn out. Diversity consists of more than two parties.
Kevin Jones
As of 2016, 42 percent of Americans identify themselves as Independents. Therefore, a large percentage of Americans are forced to either hold their nose and join one of the two major political parties or let their voices NOT be heard. For my right to vote, I am currently being held captive by a party that only cares about me when they need my vote. We are long overdue for Open Primaries. Let’s make it happen!
Judy Boehm
Let’s everyone vote for a person not the party
Elise Mysels
Too many people are being locked out of the voting process. #FL
Melanie Oringer
Right now, approximately 42%+ of Maryland’s voters are unaffiliated and, unless they play the switch my registration party affiliation game, their voices are being silenced in the primary candidate process. And people wonder why we see 50% or more of registered voters sitting out the general elections? Plus, Maryland spends more state taxpayer dollars on these exclusive political party club closed primary elections than any other state in the nation [~$27,884,000], tax dollars that the 42%+ of unaffiliated voters pay, but whose voices are excluded from those primaries. If the two majority political parties want to control the primary process as private clubs and close out the 42%+ unaffiliated voter voices in this state, they need to start paying for the primaries and not demand that state tax payer dollars pay for their private club member primaries.
Nick Giovannucci
Since Philly is controlled by Democrats, I registered as a Democrat specifically so I could vote for a Primary candidate and have a real voice in who is going to be elected to govern me.
Ashish Patel
Voters deserve to rank their choices, as much as possible, all through the election year. No single (or pair of) private Corporations (such as the DNC or RNC) should be able to own a part of or the entire Election process.
Michael Grace
Because the current system suck asshole!
Stan Kunka
Because it is our “Right” to Vote as a Independent in ALL Elections we can pull a a ticket from either Party in every partisan election in Arizona except the Presidential primary. Back in the day the Democrats did not want us to tip the scales in their Presidential primary so they voted no on the Bill now we Independents out number them in Arizona! This needs to CHANGE!!!
Ptolemy Adams
There is too often some outrageous reason why someone can`t vote and it usually has something to do with Republican obstructionism .
Stephanie Mayes
I live in Pennsylvania and cannot vote in a primary. Not even for the school superintendent.
Nitin Salkade
I am registered as a Democrat, but I am an American citizen first. The best policies require us to look at all sides of an issue, and work towards an agreement. With extremists from each side being elected, no elected candidate is interested finding sensible solutions that benefit all. Open primaries will help to elect more sensible candidates from either party.
Ptolemy Adams
There should be absolutely no restrictions for anyone voting in the primaries. We the people demand better.
Lee Bailey
parties are a private club and have no obligation toward their membership to act in good faith
Andrew Tucker
How can we be free, if we can’t even vote?
Gene Kzr
I endorse Open Primaries because it fights for the people and for making the primaries open. It is real terrible here with that here in NYS.
Tanya Boozer
I am an indendent voter who has been fighting for this for years and want to see the 2-party system taken down!
Kathren Rodriguez
one person-one vote…regardless of party affiliation
Lisa Parks
The 2-party system is broken
Terry Trescott
Always being a registered Independent affiliation voter, I have found it very frustrating when it comes to “primaries”. Why should I have to change my affiliation to vote in a primary? Where is the logical reason? Citizenship, not political party, is the only qualification needed to vote. A citizen is allowed to vote for whomever they would like to see in office, in any regard and whatever party as per our Constitution, and should not be constrained to vote for whoever ends up at the top of the flotsam from any primary…with no choice in creating who ends up there.
Laurie Tuttell
EVERYONE should be able to vote!!
Vanessa Levesque
Independents make up the majority of this country now. If the Democrats want an accurate picture of who the best candidate is, they should allow independents to vote. I am an independent and felt it was ridiculous that I needed to change to Democrat to vote. Not everyone is going to bother, and you will be guessing at how they will vote in the election. It’s ridiculous.
Michael McGillivray
Open primaries and ending gerrymandering are both critical to fixing our demonstrably failing political system, which now is a haven for crony capitalism.
Carrie Staton
We need to restore and strengthen our democracy.