Open Primaries

Why America Needs Open Primaries

Florida voters will have the chance to cast a ballot for top two open primaries in 2020. Learn about the campaign to let All Voters Vote in the Sunshine State and get involved at


St. Louis is one of only a handful of cities that still conducts partisan municipal elections. Candidates regularly come into office with a minority of the vote. The STL Approves Campaign is hoping to change that with “Proposition D for Democracy,” which combines Top Two Open Primaries with Approval Voting and will be on the 2020 ballot.To learn more visit

  • 86% of Americans believe the government is broken
  • 43% of Americans, including 50% of Millennials, identify as politically independent
  • 70% of Americans support open primaries
  • Primaries are conducted with taxpayer money. The closed presidential primaries in 2016 cost taxpayers a quarter billion dollars, yet left out 26.3 million voters

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