Open Primaries

The fight for nonpartisanship

January 09, 2018

Open Primaries in the News

Democrats must court independent voters

December 21, 2017

Open Primaries in the News

Open Florida’s primaries to independent voters

Why America Needs Nonpartisan Elections

The American people are fed up with partisan politics. In a recent Gallup poll Americans named dissatisfaction with government as the number one problem facing our country today. To change the way our elected officials work for the American people, we must change how they are elected. We need to start with the first round of voting, the primaries.

  • 86% of Americans believe the government is broken
  • 43% of Americans, including 50% of Millennials, identify as politically independent
  • 70% of Americans support open primaries
  • Primaries are conducted with taxpayer money. The closed presidential primaries in 2016 cost taxpayers a quarter billion dollars, yet left out 26.3 million voters

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Millions of Americans Support Open Primaries

Not long ago, open primaries was a fringe issue. But today, millions of Americans are attuned to the ways that closed primaries negatively affect our politics, and overwhelmingly support open primaries.

Key Research

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