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  • commented on Gov. Schwarzenegger and Congressman Khanna show how CA open primary is working 2018-06-19 19:01:20 -0400 · Flag
    Absolutely, every state needs to have open primaries! Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, John Kasich, AND the former CA governor are all CORRECT. It is the ONLY fair way to maintain a true democracy! There is no good or reasonable purpose for closed primaries!
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    Sign the petition: Unrig it 2020
  • Unrig It 2020

    50,780 SIGNATURES
    GOAL: 75,000 signatures

    To: New DNC and RNC Chairpersons, Tom Perez & Ronna Romney McDaniel

    Fr: Open Primaries

    Re: 2020 Presidential Primaries

    One thing united American voters this election year: the growing frustration with a political system that is broken, rigged, unfair – choose your favorite adjective.

    As a country, we need a new way forward, one that unites Americans with different beliefs and backgrounds. We need an electoral system that makes that possible.

    26.3 million independent voters were barred from participating in the Presidential Primary this year, and millions more registered Democrats and Republicans were prevented from voting for the candidate of their choice because of a patchwork of restrictive registration rules. From New York to Arizona, voters across the country -- whose tax dollars fund the primary process -- were denied the right to fully participate. It’s not hard to understand why voter turnout has hit a 20-year low and 70% of all Americans now support open primaries.

    As new Chairpersons of the Democratic and Republican Parties, you have a unique opportunity to influence how the presidential primaries are conducted in 2020. The parties have been given the power by the Supreme Court to determine how to conduct their primaries. We encourage you to conduct open primaries in all 50 states in 2020. Let all the American people speak.

    Both of your predecessors opposed open primaries. We ask you to re-examine this posture and take such steps as are necessary to adopt rules that require all state party organizations to conduct open primaries in 2020. The country will thank you.

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