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  • commented on COMMENTARY: The Supreme Court and Voting Rights 2017-06-21 21:55:10 -0400 · Flag
    I endorse Dr. Fields approach of enlisting the courts in the task of creating open primaries. Open Primaries are about individual voting rights and as Dr. Fields documents, individual rights are often protected and defined in the courts. It seems unlikely to me that elected members of the legislative branch of government will work to dismantle the system that served to elect them. In an attempt to articulate the individual rights I came up with the following for your consideration:

    Serving in political office and electing those who serve is an individual right of every citizen; no ethnic, religious or cultural group nor any political party shall be granted any right or privilege with respect to the election of individuals for public office.

    Candidates for public office will be selected by a series of one or more elections by all citizens represented by that public office; no position on any ballot will be reserved for any ethnic, religious, or cultural group nor for any political party.

    No special advantage will be given to the incumbent of a public office who may wish to be re-elected to that office.