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Eric Bronner's bio: Veterans for Political Innovation (VPI), Founder. Man of Faith. Husband. Dad of 3 Amazing Kids. Navy Veteran. Recovering Esq. Cross-partisan reformer!

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    I signed up to volunteer for Open Primaries. Join me!
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    When it comes to politics are you an independent (non-partisan) like me? IF so, PLEASE Sign the petition: Unrig it 2024.
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    Hello Team OP!
    Thank you for this great information! My name is Eric Bronner. I served on Active Duty in the Navy for eight years, and then moved to St. Louis, MO, where I completed law school. Now, I help lead a fantastic, statewide, cross-partisan political reform organization called Show Me Integrity. Politically, I’m fiercely independent. In my opinion, our antiquated, two-party system bears a lot of the responsibility for our, generally, dysfunctional government and hyper-polarized political system. Of all the reforms we support in Missouri, I’m personally most excited about the Prop D / StL Approves Campaign in St. Louis City. Thank you for supporting Open, Non-partisan Primaries, with approval voting and a top-two runoff here in St. Louis! I would love to be a part of taking this Open (non-partisan) primary system with approval voting, (if possible), and a top-two runoff, statewide and beyond. As a Veteran and an Independent, the right to vote is incredibly important. I’m tired of being left out of the process by a two-party primary system that only leads to more polarization and dysfunction in our government. A house divided cannot stand; so, we must fight for reforms, such as these, that will help put unity back in our American community (not to mention, more effective government)! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of your efforts, nationwide, to “re-enfranchise” Independent Veterans like me!