'Vote Yes to V' supporters go door-to-door across the state - Open Primaries
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Posted by jesse shayne on October 26, 2016 at 3:18 PM

'Vote Yes to V' supporters go door-to-door across the state

This article was published by KFSY ABC

Amendment V is one of the 10 ballot measures South Dakota voters will decide on this election day. Both sides of the issue are taking their measures to the streets by going door-to-door in communities across the state.

The duo informing voters on why they should say yes to Amendment V are driving their way from Sioux Falls to major cities and back before election day. Josh Waltjer and Justin Otoski stopped in Aberdeen to bring their message to residents.

Amendment V is a ballot measure the two feel strongly about. Waltjer believes it will take the anger and frustration out of presidential elections as well as letting South Dakota independent voters have a say in primary elections. Otoski served in the military for 8 years and didn't like what he saw in politics.

"Coming home and seeing our politicians care more about winning for their parties rather than winning for America, as a veteran, that breaks my heart," explains Otoski.

If voters decide to put Amendment V in place, candidates would not have their party affiliation listed on the ballot. This creates an open primary where everyone can vote, including independents. But not everyone agrees this ballot measure should pass.

"Amendment V tries to put South Dakota voters in the dark. Democracy is best served with voters having more information, not less," states Will Mortenson, Vote No on V group leader.

Waltjer and Otoski are hopefuly if the ballot passes in South Dakota that it will continue to make its way across the nation. They will continue their drive across the state tomorrow. There is more information about their trek on their "Vote Yes to V" Facebook page.

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