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Real Talk: Understanding Texas Latino Voters Through Meaningful Conversations (2021)

Michael Powell, Ph. D., Cecilia Balli, Ph. D., Betsabeth Monica Lugo, Ph. D. (Texas Organizing Project Education Fund). 

Evaluating California’s Top-two Primary & Political Reforms in California(2020)

Christian Grose PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science at USC

Reducing Legislative Polarization: Top Two & Open Primaries are Associated with More Moderate Legislators (2020)

Christian R. Grose, USC Schwarzenegger Institute 

Reforming Baltimore's Mayoral Elections: How we can increase electoral competition, raise participation & improve political representation (2020)

Christopher Warshaw, The Abell Foundation. 

Polarization and the Top-Two Primary: Moderating Candidate Rhetoric in One-Party Contests (2019)

Steven Sparks, Department of Political Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Let All Voters Vote: Independents and the Expansion of Voting Rights in the United States, Touro Law Review (2019)

Jeremy Gruber (Senior VP Open Primaries), Michael Hardy (Executive VP & General Counsel to the National Action Network) & Harry Kresky (Counsel to 

California Top Two Open Primary: A Successful Reform (2019)

Charles T. Munger (A USC Schwarzenegger Institute white paper)

Competition and the Top Two Open Primary in Washington State (2019)

Emily Schnurr, a dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Political Science in American Politics Northern Arizona University (May 2019)

Structuring Good Representation: Institutional Design and Elections in California (2018)

- Sara Sadhwani & Jane Junn/USC 

ASU Symposium (2017)

 -Open Primaries Education Fund, the Morrison Institute for Public Policy, the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy and, a national organizing center, hosted a daylong national forum and roundtable on the topic of open primaries

Political Reforms in California are Associated with Less Ideologically Extreme State Legislators (2016) 

-Christian R. Grose, Assoicate Professor/USC 

Winning from the Center: Frank Bigelow and California’s Nonpartisan Primary (2015)

-Andrew Sinclair, California Journal of Politics and Policy  

The Adoption of Electoral Reforms and Ideological Change in the CA State Legislature (2014)

 -Christian Grose, Schwarzenegger Institute Report 

The Analysis of Crossover and Strategic Voting (2010)

 -R. Michael Alvarez (California Institute of Technology) & Jonathan Nagler (University of California, Riverside) 

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