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Fighting to Let All Voters Vote

Posted by jesse shayne on February 16, 2017 at 1:50 PM

The Movement for Open Primaries Continues

Millions of Americans were outraged over the 2016 presidential primaries and what they see as a rigged system where the establishment has a disproportionate amount of control. Over 26 million registered voters were prohibited from participating in the primaries last year. Yet, even as millions of voters continue to leave both parties in droves, the RNC and DNC seem wedded to the status quo.

With both parties set to select new chairs, Open Primaries has been busy pressuring the incoming leaders of the RNC and DNC to respond to the will of the people, and open the primaries in every state. Nearly 60,000 Americans have already signed the petition.

Hundreds of Open Primaries activists have written emails and made calls to their elected officials demanding that the parties give power back to the people. Their activism has paid off: 

Our mission is to continue advocating on behalf of the will of the people -- over 70 percent of whom support opening up the political system to take power away from the establishment. This battle is hardfought, but our movement continues to have victories and we will not stop fighting until everyone is able to vote in every election.

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