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Alaska Becomes 4th State in the Country to Adopt Nonpartisan Open Primaries

Posted on November 17, 2020 at 9:20 PM

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Alaska Becomes 4th State in the Country to Adopt Nonpartisan Open Primaries

New York, NY – Today, Alaska joined California, Washington and Nebraska as the 4th state in the U.S. to adopt nonpartisan, open primaries by passing Amendment 2, which restored open primaries, enacted ranked choice voting, and created stricter financial disclosure laws.  There will no longer be a Republican primary and a Democratic primary. There will be one Alaska primary. Each candidate will appear on the same ballot, and every registered voter will get to choose from among all the candidates.  The four candidates who receive the most votes will advance to the general election, regardless of their party affiliation.  

This campaign was a long time in the making. Alaska used “blanket” open primaries from 1947 until 2000, when the system was struck down by the Supreme Court.  Alaska has the highest percentage of registered independent voters-57%-of any state in the country, and since 2000  these voters have been at the mercy of the political parties when it came to participating in publicly funded primaries.  That ends today.

Open Primaries congratulates the incredible team at Alaskans for Better Elections , the dedicated activists-Republicans. Democrats and independents- across Alaska for their tireless work on behalf of equal voting rights, and the people of Alaska for restoring Alaska’s tradition of open primaries, along with adopting stronger financial disclosure rules and ranked choice voting.  

President of Open Primaries, John Opdycke added:  “ I remember meeting with Assemblyman Max Gruenberg in the summer of 2015.  He was looking for help in restoring Alaska’s open primary, an issue he had been working on in the legislature and the public square since 2004 - running up against partisan opposition at every step.  Well this year, the voters of Alaska took care of business.  Sadly, Max passed away in 2016, but he would be so proud of this victory and of the absolutely stellar leadership provided by the ABE team in the face of strong opposition from the status quo.”

Available for interview:  John Opdycke, President Open Primaries 

To contact the ABE campaign directly:  Melissa Blair  |  907-744-6305 [email protected] 

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