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Allison Minoux's bio: urban explorer, funk enthusiast, new yorker

  • published An intern's perspective on open primaries in Blog 2015-05-27 13:22:00 -0400
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    AllyHeadshot_home.jpgWhen I stepped in to Open Primaries’ office this winter, I had many uncertainties towards a career path. I have always been interested in politics and government structure, but I have never been part of a movement that lays outside traditional party lines.  It has been refreshing to be part of a movement that is not ingrained in party control and seeks to reverse the norm by advocating for open, nonpartisan primaries. Our current system reflects party interests, instead of citizens’ concern. 

    I came to this office with a basic understanding of primaries, but I had no idea how much political backlash nonpartisan, open primaries were causing. There are countless lawsuits, court cases, and scholarly debates occurring across the country that threaten or dismiss the viability of open primaries.