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Patrick McWhortor's bio: Changing the world in Arizona one day at a time.

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    Open Primaries is recruiting in all 50 states. We’re looking for activists who want to participate in efforts to enact open primaries.

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    It is time for the American political system to get back to serving people, not parties.
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    Partisan politics is not working for the American people. Congress has an abysmal approval rating and cannot legislate, much less innovate. We need new ways to conduct our political and civic life, but the political parties continue to assert their control over our voting and governing processes. The parties view gridlock as the solution, not the problem!

    Endorse the open primaries movement and be a part of a growing coalition of diverse Americans working to educate and organize voters in all 50 states.

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    When our country was founded, the American Revolutionaries rallied around one principle: the people should rule, not the kings.

    IVoted.jpgTo that end, the concept of an election was the essential building block of American democracy, setting us apart from Europe.This idea, that people should hold elections to decide who governs, has been a beacon to revolutionaries across the world who have pursued democratic reforms since 1776.


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    Q: (6 of 6) Where would you like to see Open Primaries focus its work?
    A: State Based Campaigns
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