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Posted by Adriana Espinoza on May 14, 2016 at 12:54 PM

Faces of Open Primaries: Wilmington, NC

FacesofOP_Wilmington.jpgI live in North Carolina in a closed primary state. In no way should an individual be forced to choose either party—Democrat or Republican in order to participate in an election. I was a registered independent for years until Bernie Sanders came along and was forced to register as a Democrat to support him.

My state in recent months has made international news with the passage of one of the most discriminatory laws in the United States. The “bathroom law” passed during a special session in which Democrats walked out in protest. This type of closed door policy making keeps voters in the dark and out of the election process. It’s been on top of Governor McCrory’s agenda to suppress votes through voter ID laws and closed primaries. State Republicans know the lower the voter turnout the higher their chances of reelection. I would love to see our state participate in a nonpartisan election similar to Nebraska and Washington. In order to curtail the influence of these incredibly powerful political parties and allow for new ideas we must demand that candidates run under their own names and platforms.


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