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Posted by Kellie Ryan on April 17, 2015 at 3:21 PM

Keep Montana's primaries open!

There is a major fight happening over how primary elections are conducted in Montana. The Montana Republican Party has voted overwhelmingly to join a lawsuit to close Montana's primaries and take away independent voters' right to vote. Montana has had an open primary system since 1912.

One Montana Republican, State Representative Steve Fitzpatrick wants to protect the current open primary system and allow all voters a chance to have a say in the primary without needing to declare a political party preference. He has filed a bill (HB 454) which would nullify the easiest claim made by the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Fitzpatrick has said that he introduced this bill to protect open primaries in Montana.

"It's really a fundamental question with this bill, Fitzpatrick said. "Do you believe in open primaries or do you believe in closed primaries."

But, Fitzpatrick's view has gotten him censured by his own party! Chairman of the Cascade County Republican Central Committee George Paul has censured Fitzpatrick for quote "exhibiting behavior unbecoming of an elected official." That's where we're at these days. Falling out of line in any way can get you censured by your own party.

Here's what you can do to help:

Share this video on Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, this issue will not get the coverage it deserves.

Reach out to Representative Steve Fitzpatrick and let him know that you support H.B. 454.

Finally, reach out to the Cascade County Republican Central Committee on Facebook and let them know that censuring a member of your own party for disagreeing with you is simply not the best way to move this country forward.

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