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Posted by Kellie Ryan on April 07, 2015 at 3:26 PM


Meet our fundraising team!

The Open Primaries team has been hard at work, going door to door in California, fundraising for the movement. Our fundraising team has recruited more than 100 donors to our organization, and we could not be more excited about the passion we are seeing from California residents for the Top Two primary system. Our fundraisers are kicking but, and we wanted to introduce them to you.

(From left to right)

Dustin Snyder

Dustin Snyder grew up in Kansas City and studied music and linguistics at the University of Nebraska Omaha where he received his degree. He spent several years studying abroad in Germany and at Charles University in the Czech Republic where he lived for 6 years following graduation. Dustin speaks four languages and has been involved in fundraising for many different nonprofit organizations over the years.

He likes the organization Open Primaries because, as an independent progressive, he sees the value in a competitive and cooperative legislature and feels honored to be a part of a positive progressive and pragmatic campaign to make a positive change in America's voting and politics.

Victoria Adkins

Victoria Adkins is from El Dorado Hills, California. She received her BA at California State Los Angeles in television and film studies. She loves that open primaries give independent voters their opportunity to participate in a vital aspect of the political process. Victoria is an artist and aspires to be a film producer.

Teralyn Shields

Teralyn Shields is from Petaluma, California. She grew up the youngest of six kids. She was acting in independent films in San Francisco before she moved to Southern California about a year ago. She likes open primaries because she believes that everybody should have their voice heard. Equal opportunity means a lot to her, and she feels open primaries is a step in the right direction.

Milton Davis Jr.

Milton Davis Jr, from Pasadena California, studied critical theory and politics at Occidental College and Public Policy at USC. His background in the political field includes serving as the director of two statewide campaigns in California and Washington State. Milton, as an independent, agrees with Open Primaries since he could not participate for ten years in the primary process. Milton was selected for a briefing from the White House on California Progressive Political plans.



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