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Posted by Adriana Espinoza on April 29, 2015 at 11:43 AM

Open Primaries at FairVote's "Democracy Slam"


Last week I had the chance to learn about the myriad of ways reformers are looking to change the political system to be more representative and inclusive.

I attended FairVote’s Democracy Slam with Open Primaries General Counsel Harry Kresky, who spoke on the panel about Top Two Nonpartisan Primaries. 

Proposals offered a very wide range of policy solutions to strengthen our democracy.

These proposals included National Primary Day, a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing the right to vote, Independent Redistricting Commissions to combat gerrymandering, public finance options for elections, Ranked-Choice Voting, and Top Two Nonpartisan Primaries.

The panelists debated the pros and cons of each proposal with the goal of finding the solutions that would bring about the most benefits. It was encouraging to see so many people passionate about political reform. Open Primaries was happy to be invited into the conversation, and we hope to continue these discussions in the effort to bring about more inclusion into the democratic process.

Read Harry Kresky's report on the benefits of Top Two, nonpartisan primaries.

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