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Posted by jesse shayne on November 10, 2016 at 3:40 PM

Citizen's Union Half-Day Symposium on Political Reform in New York

This election season may be over, but the fight for democratic elections in New York is just beginning. Please join us on November 18, 2016 at a half-day symposium, The Only Way Is Up: A Citywide Discussion to Boost Voter Turnout in New York. Open Primaries has joined with Citizens Union to co-sponsor this important free event, which will bring together policy makers, advocates, organizers, educators, and thought leaders to begin to discuss how we empower New Yorkers to take back our electoral politics in New York.


Open Primaries Board Member Dr. Jessie Fields will explore the effect that New York’s closed primaries and lack of competitive elections have on the public’s sense that their vote matters on a panel entitled "Partisanship in New York and Its Impact on Elections." Dr. Fields will be joined by academics and advocates to discuss why we have the third lowest voter turnout in the nation and examine what our elections would look like if we had non-partisan, open primaries.

REGISTER HERE to join us at this important event, where we begin to discuss how we reclaim New York’s elections for the voters!

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