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Endorse Open Primaries

Partisan politics is not working for the American people. Congress has an abysmal approval rating and cannot legislate, much less innovate. We need new ways to conduct our political and civic life, but the political parties continue to assert their control over our voting and governing processes. The parties view gridlock as the solution, not the problem!

Endorse the open primaries movement and be a part of a growing coalition of diverse Americans working to educate and organize voters in all 50 states.

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Karen Cosgrove
This is a small achievable step that will help evolve our political system into something better.
Andrew Pittman
American government is gridlocked and terrible at creating change. Something has to change
Andrew Pittman
American government is terrible and gridlocked. Change is needed
Anthony Cacao
- community civic engagement and citizen participation.
Ricky Sandler
In a world where business leaders and politicians are so enraged about small tweaks to voter access, our very own political leaders are engaging in the most offensive suppression of voter rights through closed primaries, a system whose sole beneficiary is a 2 political parties few Americans like in the first place.
Oklahoma United for Progress
The system is broken, we have to evolve. Open Primaries are an essential part of the Holy Trinity of reform: RCV, Open Primaries, and independent district commissions.
Cs Hunters
The current system is a scam and makes candidate beholden to the party. It becomes “party over people and principles”. Why so many “independent thinking” politicians voting lock step along party lines? Because its play along to get along. Parties are corporations and should be taxes as such.
Shivom Spotz
“The cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy”-Al Smith.
Melissa Wakamo
Like many Americans, I am tired of the political divide in this country. And, I believe open primaries in all states, while a lofty goal, is probably the single most effective step we could take to move toward non partisanship and effective government.
Kim Neill
I can barely begin to say how disgusted I feel with politics and politicians. But if we don’t vote then we will be partially responsible for giving our country away. I can’t vote for a party any longer but I can’t stop voting. Going independent is the only thing that makes sense to me at this point and that has to include open primaries!
Martin Breeson
I am an independent. I feel it is unfair to ban me from voting in primaries. I want to be part of the nomination process without joining a particular party.
Emily Church
Closed primaries are more likely to elect extremist candidates.
Chandra Brown
I endorse open primaries because it’s unfair that certain states allow it, while others such as New York forces people to choose a radical party. I feel this is unconstitutional and a form of voter suppression.
Michael Polelle
As an emeritus professor of law living in Florida, I believe the Florida closed primary and all closed primaries are a violation of constitutional rights and a form of voter suppression.
Michael Polelle
As an emeritus professor of law living in Florida, I believe the Florida closed primary and all closed primaries are a violation of constitutional rights and a form of voter suppression.
Lisa Konieczny
Open primaries encourage more participants and with more participants come new ideas.
Rachael Bloodworth
Elizabeth Kearns
After nearly 50 years as NPA, I am fed up with being disenfranchised from a major part of the voting system because I choose not to affiliate with either increasingly polarized/polarizing party.
aleem young
I’m running for attorney general
Cynthia Marshall
I am an Independent in Florida, I should be able to vote in a primary without choosing between a two party system
Zachary Brand
It is important for people to vote for the person they want and not to just vote along partisan lines! My home State of New York has closed primaries! It is time for New York State to open up its Primary Elections to all voters!
Alex Chavez
Should be allowed to vote for who we want regardless of their political affiliation
Jake Brucks
No one should have to choose a side to vote in the primaries.
Pierson Rivera
I shouldn’t be forced to join a party that I don’t fully agree with just to vote in the primaries.
Carol Rabaut
Everyone should be able to cast a vote regardless of party affiliation or no party affiliation.