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Partisan politics is not working for the American people. Congress has an abysmal approval rating and cannot legislate, much less innovate. We need new ways to conduct our political and civic life, but the political parties continue to assert their control over our voting and governing processes. The parties view gridlock as the solution, not the problem!

Endorse the open primaries movement and be a part of a growing coalition of diverse Americans working to educate and organize voters in all 50 states.

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Jennifer Jones
I feel closed primaries hinder my right to vote by making me choose a party that I may not identify with. If someone is elected to represent ME, I have the right to vote for/against THEM. Regardless of party.
Lauren Preller
Closed primaries blatantly suppress unaffiliated and independent voters. As an independent, my taxes subsidise private clubs in a state election where I am NOT allowed to vote.
Sita Khalsa
Open primaries are far more democratic and just. Partisan politics is feeling more corrupt here than ever. The two party system is not working for the people, it’s working for the parties. All should be able to vote in the primaries regardless of party affiliation or non-affiliation. I want to vote on the issues, not the party.
Chadwick Gaff
I want to vote.
Paula Ryan
My Country, State, City and My Family is more important than any Party.
Lauren Stanley
I think that Americans should have the right to give their opinion. Especially, in the initial stages of process. Your party should not limit the choices given to you.
Eric Tucker
The more ideologically rigid “party-base” voters believe they know better (they seldom do) and that it is their perogative to dominate party agendas/platforms and determine candidates. They accomplish this to some degree by keeping parties closed to independents, and also by disproportionately participating in primaries and caucuses. I support the efforts of Open Primaries. Until they succeed, though I encourage voters to register for a party when required so their voices can be heard in primaries and caucuses for both congressional and presidential elections.
Leo Migliaccio
I wish to not affiliate with a particular party and the ideology it may endorse, but to vote on immediate matters and the corrective decisions that are put forth by individuals.
Linda Hebb
Bonnie Marsh
Our democracy needs to be more open in many ways, primaries, voting, funding, advocacy, auditing, maintaining rights.
Ellen Byrne
I registered to vote when I was 18 in 1983. I liked some Republican views and some Democratic views so I registered Independent. I wasn’t very knowledgeable of how the government was run but what I do know now is that Republicans and Democrats have further polarized right and left during the years. Nothing gets done and laws passed are sketchy instead of compromised and I have no say. I haven’t voted for the best Presidential Candidate in the past 20 years but instead, the lesser of two evils chosen by people who are just as polarized as their elected candidate. Instead of debates going on in Congress, their is name calling and aggressive speach and body language. But this past Presidential election was the last straw. People voted in a bully who knows nothing about running the country and fires anyone who contridicts him. I don’t believe that this would have happened if Independents were given more say in elections as is our constitutional right instead of being snuffed by both Republicans and Democrats who don’t want to share the power they have with a party willing to compromise.
Jennifer Bullock
voting rights for all!!!
Jaison Cook
Open Primaries are the only way to claim anything near a true democratic republic. It is the first step in a long way there, but it IS the first step.
Lorrena Kirkwood
It’s a violation of Civil Rights to not allow an individual to vote! As tax paying citizens that is a duty. Every American should be allowed to vote based on their beliefs for a candidate that will do the right thing, not based on if you’re a democrat or republican.
Lorrena Kirkwood
It’s a violation of Civil Rights to not allow an individual to vote! As tax paying citizens that is a duty. Every American should be allowed to vote based on their beliefs for a candidate that will do the right thing, not based on if you’re a democrat or republican.
Kim McNair
I should be able to cast my vote as a tax paying citizen.
Julie Rosenthal
I registered as Independent on my voters’ registration when I first moved to Florida 30+ years ago, not knowing I would be precluded from so many elections. I hope your efforts are successful! I would be so glad if I could vote for any candidate in any election in Florida, based on the candidate’s qualifications and regardless of the candidate’s party affiliation.
Chastity Harnage
I’m a registered independent and my vote should count for all elections. I should not have to register as a Democrat or republican so that I may vote.
Michelle Sardinas
I am registered as an independent and I feel like my vote doesnt count and doesnt matter in primaries. Even if my party has no candidate I should still be allowed to vote for one that I think has my closest interests. I think all votes should count always, no matter the affiliation. Its voter discrimination.
Damiano Camporeale
I’m in Independent based in Brooklyn, NY. I was a Democrat for years, but came to realize that the party system is antiquated and encourages partisan politicians who have the interests of their own party over the people they represent. This is the United States and what unites us is our ability to have our individual beliefs without blind capitulation. Independents represent this more than any existing party.
Sandra Cooper
Closed primaries are nothing more than a form of voter suppression. Americans are increasingly becoming disillusioned by our two-party system, and many are registering as Independent or NPA in increasing numbers. My reasoning behind my choice of being a registered NPA is the fact that I do not vote based on party affiliation. I vote based on the issues that each candidate stands for, what most aligns with my views, and who is best qualified for office.
Joyce Abrams
I feel like regardless of what my political affiliation is, I should be able to vote for who I want. Politics should be about people, not parties! I do feel like I should be limited to who I can vote for. I like/dislike the positions of each party. I should be able to have the chance to have my say.
Heather Oliveira
Not allowing people who choose not to pledge an allegiance to a particular political party, the right to have their voices heard is unconstitutional. Ex felons and illegal immigrants are being given the right to vote. But law abiding tax paying citizens are being denied this right because they choose to vote on the issues at hand, rather than the party. It is time all states have open primaries and allow all American voices the right to be heard
Ron unger
It will help break the chokehold that the two big-moneyed political parties have on our democracy.
Tami Shakespeare
I agree/disagree with some of what each party is saying and want my vote to have more of a say.