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Partisan politics is not working for the American people. Congress has an abysmal approval rating and cannot legislate, much less innovate. We need new ways to conduct our political and civic life, but the political parties continue to assert their control over our voting and governing processes. The parties view gridlock as the solution, not the problem!

Endorse the open primaries movement and be a part of a growing coalition of diverse Americans working to educate and organize voters in all 50 states.

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William Van Emburg
If we want to have candidates who aren’t extremists — candidates who share moderate views and who believe in compromise — then we must change the primary process to make that possible. This is the only practical idea I’ve found to do that.
Thomas Krizman
We need to be free from career politicians.
Alfred Bell
American voices who speak for our entire citizenry instead of politically channeled blocks must be heard without artificial and arbitrary constraints by political parties. We will not always agree, but we must be heard.
Ishbara Acosta
I’m unaffiliated and would like to vote for the candidates that I believe in – and I don’t want to throw my hat in either party ring – as I don’t agree with either major party.
Christina Rice
Every American has the right to vote and should be able to participate regardless of whether or not they align themselves with a particular party. We are not meant to be a two-party system.
Robert Hall
Party’s pander around election time and in actuality serve large donors, be they pacs or corps, they’re like spoiled rich kids that get a bunch of cards in the mail and only reach out to the ones that have a check enclosed. Opening primaries is a step but far from a solution. Money selects candidates and if voting really changed anything it would be illegal. Why did Citigroup hand pick Bush, Clinton and Obama’s cabinet? It’s an illusion, a masterpiece of deception in fact, orchestrated by an established network of back state gov and corp media to give the idea we have choice but the candidates are always the same. They all bark a good game until the shows over and then it’s back to business as usual enriching themselves first and be damned the people. It’s pretty much a communist state by now save for the flag or anything overtly visible changing and its been done incrementally going on over a century. Even the state itself is afraid to keep its wealth here, why ABC Google stock held by gov pension funds is 90% offshored in Bermuda and Panama for tax reasons is a farce. Welfare is 50% of the population thanks to both parties weakness in addressing it. Poverty has been subsidized and trades the market with Kraft Heinz profits from snap stamps while complex zoning, taxes, predatory legal and unskilled labor undermine the hopes of small business startups. You have to have a permit to sell lemonade on your lawn or have a garage sale but beggars with cardboard stand openly in busy intersections… I could go on and on but what’s the point the sheer inefficiency and corruption of government is such that it’s become the biggest criminal in all of history. I wasn’t even going to bother to vote but my 70+ year old boss is adamant that I do as he imagines it actually means something. I don’t believe a word and heck I trust the banks more than governments and that’s says a lot I think. Trump lost me when he failed his first job to repeal communist healthcare, a clear sign that it was all for show none of his words meant diddly. Going after China is another cloaked enterprise it’s more strategic from a new world order perspective than anything, don’t let anyone get bigger than you so just funnel all that activity over to India where it’s gonna take them a few more years to raise up a meaningful challenge, but that day will come too eventually and they know it so by then what’s the plan? The real problem is America is divided from within by divorce rates and child welfare, state support and the like, things unheard of in India or China and that’s their edge against us that no political party is willing to discuss openly for fear of losing women or minorities support, so they just try to keep everything going while we’re bleeding to death with an obesity and opioid epidemic as cigarettes are taxed and pot is legalized, how unbelievably stupid, but I digress. Heck our great grandparents had Cocaine as an ingredient in America’s first fully automated manufacturing of the now iconic Coca-Cola brand and it wasn’t a big deal things got done but now everything is banned because everyone is incapable of testing a hot stove without incinerating themselves so we have to have a complex system around that and then it’s all brought in by government anyway just check the activity at some embassies and the cia deals. Gov is organized crime the biggest ever no doubts there and no open voting thing is gonna do much to change it sorry to say. In reality only a fool would entrust all responsibility to a representative and that’s what we’ve been set up to do, this removes our involvement in anything that is affective toward our wellbeing. What would be a better way were if voters had the ability to select their positions on the tasks we posit to our elected ruling class directly thus eliminating them entirely, and that my friends will never happen with these parasites.
Rp Comotto
Enable voters to nominate any candidate regardless of affiliation.
Jeff Moretz
Closed primaries serve to further entrench unresponsive party bureaucracies that are less effective at working across political classifications to achieve real, substantive, and highly desirable positive results. Open primaries more effectively engage voters by allowing them to get involved in the electoral process whenever and wherever they find the energy and capability to initiate such positive change.
Paul Johnson
We need the best ideas, policies and candidates to rise to the fore. Open Primaries helps to achieve that goal.
Match Zimmerman
It is vital that our country has more than two parties and the first step to getting there is to encourage voters to register as independent. This is much more enticing for voters if they have the ability to vote in primaries.
Sherry York
I believe this is a civil rights issue, that disenfranchises over three million Floridians.
David Moore
12 out of 50 closed primary states can’t be democratic. Small d of course
Mike Bennett
As a former State Senator in Florida, and a current Supervisor of Elections in Manatee County Florida, I can assure you that the number one complaint we get from independent registered voters is that they are left out. As the percent of NPA grows, I am interested in fairness
Ed Felstein
Partisanship is tearing the country apart, and Independents/Centrists are being left out in the cold. Open primaries are the way for us to finally have a voice.
Beulah Farquharson
it is long overdue in Florida and the Country
Lawrence Silver
Politics has turned into a sporting event. The Red Team and The Blue Team. Blind allegiance just because it’s my team! Americans have a sports mentality so they should like a playoff system which is more democratic.
Michele Kosyjana
I want to vote without having to choose a party affiliation
Jennifer Jones
I feel closed primaries hinder my right to vote by making me choose a party that I may not identify with. If someone is elected to represent ME, I have the right to vote for/against THEM. Regardless of party.
Lauren Preller
Closed primaries blatantly suppress unaffiliated and independent voters. As an independent, my taxes subsidise private clubs in a state election where I am NOT allowed to vote.
Sita Khalsa
Open primaries are far more democratic and just. Partisan politics is feeling more corrupt here than ever. The two party system is not working for the people, it’s working for the parties. All should be able to vote in the primaries regardless of party affiliation or non-affiliation. I want to vote on the issues, not the party.
Chadwick Gaff
I want to vote.
Paula Ryan
My Country, State, City and My Family is more important than any Party.
Lauren Stanley
I think that Americans should have the right to give their opinion. Especially, in the initial stages of process. Your party should not limit the choices given to you.
Eric Tucker
The more ideologically rigid “party-base” voters believe they know better (they seldom do) and that it is their perogative to dominate party agendas/platforms and determine candidates. They accomplish this to some degree by keeping parties closed to independents, and also by disproportionately participating in primaries and caucuses. I support the efforts of Open Primaries. Until they succeed, though I encourage voters to register for a party when required so their voices can be heard in primaries and caucuses for both congressional and presidential elections.
Leo Migliaccio
I wish to not affiliate with a particular party and the ideology it may endorse, but to vote on immediate matters and the corrective decisions that are put forth by individuals.