February 2020 Newsletter - Open Primaries
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February 2020 Newsletter

Posted by Russell Daniels on March 09, 2020 at 12:14 PM

Momentum builds in Florida

Support for the All Voters Vote campaign to enact top two open primaries continues to swell in Florida. A recent poll conducted by The University of North Florida’s Public Opinion Lab found that 70% of Florida voters support reforming Florida’s primary system to include ALL voters. 

This coincides with a cascade of  Florida newspapers endorsing the initiative. Florida’s largest paper The Miami Herald endorsed saying:


“It’s past time to remove the muzzle from independent voters. That’s why we support the efforts of All Voters Vote, which has gathered enough signatures to place a citizen initiative on the November ballot. It would allow all registered Floridians to vote in a single primary for governor, cabinet members and state legislators.”


Other endorsements have come from The Sun Sentinel and Tallahassee Democrat

The people of Florida have been pushing for primary reform since 1998. We hope in the weeks and months ahead that you join us in what will most certainly prove to be a key reform battle this year. 

Unrig it 2024: Let this be the last Presidential election we lock out voters

27 million independent voters will be shut out of the 2020 Presidential primaries this year. 

Primaries are publicly funded elections. This is voter suppression plain and simple. 

We are calling on the FEC to address the millions of voters who are locked out and open the presidential primaries in 2024. Please add your name to our petition and join the over 50,000 Americans who have already signed!  

Oregon’s closed primaries are degrading the state’s legacy of democracy innovation

Senior VP of Open Primaries, Jeremy Gruber and David Ellis, co-founder of Independent Voters of Oregon have written an op-ed for The Oregonian asking the big question: How is it possible that a state like Oregon that was once led on democracy innovation is now locking out nearly a million citizens from publicly-funded elections? 

By next year, independents (already 41% of the Oregon electorate) are expected to become the largest group of voters in the state

Eliis and Gruber call on Oregonians to reclaim their role as leaders in America for fair and open elections for ALL voters. Read the full op-ed HERE 

Nebraska holds public hearing on expanding their nonpartisan primary system

Nebraska Senators John McCollister and Adam Morfeld have introduced LB1005 which would expand the system of nonpartisan open primary ballots they currently use to elect state legislators to all statewide and federal offices.


“Eighty-six years ago Nebraskans developed a common-sense blueprint to make our elections inclusive and our government work. It made a huge difference in our politics. Simply put, the Nebraska system works.”

-Senator John Mccollister & Senator Adam Morfeld


Recently, the Nebraska Government, Military & Veterans Affairs Committee held a public hearing on LB1005. Open Primaries SVP Jeremy Gruber testified in support of it: 


“Nonpartisan elections have been a successful part of the Nebraskan system for almost a hundred years. Voters overwhelmingly like them. Elected leaders govern more effectively when they are in place. And that’s why LB 1005 is such an important bill. Everyone benefits from a healthier, more inclusive political system.”


New endorsements for STL Approves

STL Approves is working towards putting Prop D (an initiative for nonpartisan open primaries and approval voting) on the ballot to make elections fairer for ALL St. Louis voters. 

OP Spokespeople Dr. Jessie Fields and David Cherry have both added their voices in support of STL Approves.  Watch their full endorsements below:

Dr. Jessie Fields:

David Cherry: 

There's just two weeks left for the STL Approves campaign to collect signatures to get on the August primary ballot.

If you want to help collect signatures, contact STL Approves Field Director Byron at [email protected] or (314) 640-7475 to get re-trained, materials, or anything else to help out. 

To learn more about and support the campaign to bring nonpartisan open primaries and approval voting to St. Louis, please visit the STL Approves website.

Media Roundup


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Anchorage Daily News: Senator Lesil McGuire and OP SVP Jeremy Gruber-Let’s restore Alaska’s tradition of open primary elections.--READ

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