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Tell the Florida Constitution Commission:
Let The Voters Decide!

Every 20 years, the Constitution Revision Commission meets and listens to the voice of Floridians. Their job is simple: listen to the people and propose changes to the constitution. 

At every single public hearing held by the Commission, Floridians asked Commissioners to do something about Florida's closed primary system that disenfranchises 3.4 million independent voters, including many young people. In polls, 73% of Floridians, including large majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and independents, want the Commission to put an open primaries measure on the 2018 ballot.

The time has come. Commissioner Schifino has submitted Proposal 62 for an open primary. The open primary proposal received a lot of pushback from some Commissioners at its first hearing in the Commission's Ethics and Elections Committee. 

We need 5 votes total to get the open primaries proposal through the Committee and to the full Commission. The Committee members need to hear from Floridians like you. Tell them, "the time has come, please let the voters decide".