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  • Top Two Brings Californians Real Choice in Congressional Elections

    Graphic_Four2.jpgOn August 4th Open Primaries released a comprehensive report on the impact Top Two primaries have had on California and its politics.

    The report found this reform led to substantial positive changes to Californian government; California’s legislature has become significantly more productive, all voters are more fairly represented, and more elected officials face competitive elections.

    This rise in competitive elections has been particularly important in improving how California politics and government functions.

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  • Updates from the movement

    CongressBroken.jpgIn the days leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election it seemed as if America had reached a historic tipping point. With 3 out of every 4 Americans believing their country was headed down the wrong track, they were ready for dramatic change.

    Americans were poised to elect a president who promised them just that. However, today, almost 7 years later, the American people are still waiting for that change. Despite several policy achievements by this Administration “politics as usual” still rules over Washington, crippling the hope for a better America.