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Independent inclusion

Posted by Russell Daniels on May 14, 2021 at 10:14 AM

Independent inclusion

written by Leslie Harlow for the Mt. Desert Islander 

To the Editor:

As a 50-year active Democrat in Hancock County and chair of the Ellsworth Democratic Committee, I am writing in enthusiastic support of LD 231, the semi-open primaries bill co-sponsored by Ellsworth Representative Nicole Grohoski.

LD 231 would allow semi-open primaries, meaning unenrolled voters would be permitted to cast one ballot in the primary of their choice. Republicans would not be able to vote in Democratic primaries and Democrats would not be able to vote in Republican primaries.

I strongly believe that as Democrats – indeed, as Americans! – we have a responsibility to ensure as many people as possible participate in the political process. This should extend to our unenrolled neighbors and friends, often referred to as independents.

This is particularly important in places like Ellsworth, where unenrolled voters outnumber registered Democrats. Time to give these folks a voice in the primary process.

Thank you, Rep. Grohoski, for your leadership on this important issue, and I hope that your colleagues will join you in support of semi-open primaries.

Leslie Harlow


Ellsworth Democratic Committee

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