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    September 30, 2015
    Kellie Ryan
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    Congress is Broken but Nebraska May Have the Answer 

    “The Myth of the Red State” Report Details the Long Term Successes of Nebraska’s Adoption of a Nonpartisan Election System

    New York, NY- September 30, 2015 – Open Primaries, a national leader on election reform, today released a new report examining the results of Nebraska’s adoption of a single, nonpartisan primary election system. The Myth of the Red State: Policy Over Party in the Nebraska State Capitol demonstrates that while Congress and many state legislatures have fallen prey to partisanship and dysfunction, the Nebraska political system is working.  

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    Graphic_Five2.jpgMeasured by self-identification, partisanship is actually declining — growing numbers of Americans describe themselves as independent (currently 43%), rather than loyal to one of the parties. But measured by actual voting behavior, the opposite seems to be happening: Straight ticket voting continues to grow.  

    Why the paradox?