Joint endorsement for Amendment V - Open Primaries
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Posted by jesse shayne on September 14, 2016 at 11:20 AM

Joint endorsement for Amendment V

This article was written by Scott Gross for Kota TV

Sioux Falls, S.D. ( KOTA TV ) The announcement came Tuesday morning in Sioux Falls from the League of Women Voters of South Dakota and AARP South Dakota.

Both organizations said it is time every voter had a voice.

Most of South Dakota’s elections are effectively decided in closed partisan primaries, leaving many feeling voters are left without a voice.

Only about eight of South Dakota’s 105 legislative elections feature competitive races, with more than one third of candidates running unopposed after the primary.

This will give those 115,000 voters in south dakota who are independants who feel that the parties don't represent what they are doing, can make thier voice heard." Chuck Parkinson, a member of the ballot committee said.

However, those who oppose the measure say it hides party lables on the ballot from voters and is really a plan implemented by a group from New York who want to envoke their own policies in states across America, much like what happened in California in 2010. That policy is now a part of the California constitution.

"Democracy is not served by hiding information from the voters." Will Mortenson, Chairman of South Dakotans Against V said. "In South Dakota, we don't have the kind of partisan gridlock they have in California. To think that giving South Dakota a California system is somehow going to make our state better I think is a notion most South Dakotans wouldn't agree with."

Mortenson also says that Amendment V is not a state effort.

Supporters disagreee and say Amendment V would make all of South Dakota’s elections nonpartisan, similar to elections for mayor or school board.

"The League of Woman Voters of South Dakota and AARP of South Dakota do not endorse anything they do not firmly believe in" Parkinson said, "They have done their research and are fully behind Amendment V, what a great day in South Dakota.


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