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jennifer Bullock's bio: Group Psychotherapist, social wellness enthusiast, community activist @paindependents

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    voting rights for all!!!
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    Partisan politics is not working for the American people. Congress has an abysmal approval rating and cannot legislate, much less innovate. We need new ways to conduct our political and civic life, but the political parties continue to assert their control over our voting and governing processes. The parties view gridlock as the solution, not the problem!

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    Q: (6 of 6) Where would you like to see Open Primaries focus its work?
    A: State Based Campaigns
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  • commented on New Poll Shows July 4th is "Independents" Day in Philadelphia as Voters Express Support for Nonpartisan Election Reforms 2015-07-07 11:55:30 -0400 · Flag
    Thank you for conducting this poll showing the voice of the people! Join us in the fight to open PA’s Primaries to all voters!
    Jennifer Bullock
    Independent Pennsylvanians