Joyce Abrams at Open Primaries
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Joyce Abrams's bio: Producer/Co-host of HOME with the KUSH girls Mon-Fri from 7a-10a on 1600 KUSH radio, Traffic Director/Programmer, Marketing Manager, Storm Chaser, LPN

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    I feel like regardless of what my political affiliation is, I should be able to vote for who I want. Politics should be about people, not parties! I do feel like I should be limited to who I can vote for. I like/dislike the positions of each party. I should be able to have the chance to have my say.
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    Partisan politics is not working for the American people. Congress has an abysmal approval rating and cannot legislate, much less innovate. We need new ways to conduct our political and civic life, but the political parties continue to assert their control over our voting and governing processes. The parties view gridlock as the solution, not the problem!

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