Magic Johnson Endorses Open Primaries and Amendment 3 in Florida - Open Primaries
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Magic Johnson Endorses Open Primaries and Amendment 3 in Florida

Posted on October 13, 2020 at 12:57 PM

Florida Campaign for Open Primaries Announces Magic Johnson Endorsement

Tallahassee — With all eyes on the presidential contest in Florida, the “All Voters Vote” effort to reform how Floridians vote received a strong endorsement from NBA Hall of Famer Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Florida has closed, partisan primaries.  Registered independents voters are surging in Florida, as they are across the country, and 3.5 million independents Floridians  are currently shut out of voting in taxpayer funded primaries.  This includes 1.2  million voters of color, in one of the largest acts of voter suppression anywhere in the country. 

That could change this year if 60% of voters approve Amendment 3,  an effort to adopt “top two” open primaries and let all voters vote. Both the Florida Republican and Democratic Parties are strongly opposed to the amendment, happy to let taxpayers fund the primaries but insistent that the primaries remain under their control.  

In announcing the endorsement, All Voters Vote Chairman Glenn Burhans declared, “Magic Johnson has seen firsthand how letting all voters vote has worked all across America, whether in cities, counties, or states and we are grateful that he came forward and has volunteered his good name and stellar reputation to support this common-sense initiative. We agree, letting all voters vote and breaking down the silos created by closed partisan primaries is good for voters and our state.”  As Magic says in his endorsement video, “when all voters vote, politicians will listen to is simple, it’s common-sense, and it’s Magic!” 

Johnson has a history of supporting “people, not politicians” efforts, dating back to 2005 when he endorsed Michael Bloomberg for Mayor of New York City.  Bloomberg, who challenged the NYC Democratic Party establishment by running a fusion campaign for Mayor on the Independence Party and Republican Party lines, championed nonpartisan reform and received 47% of the African-American vote in his 2005 campaign.  

The endorsement can be easily viewed on YouTube by clicking here:


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