May 2020 Newsletter - Open Primaries
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May 2020 Newsletter

Posted by Russell Daniels on May 01, 2020 at 5:01 PM

Missouri’s open primaries are being threatened--

The political insiders are at it again in Missouri. Legislation (HB 1639) has been introduced to close Missouri’s primaries to anyone who doesn’t join one of the two major political parties. It has already passed the House Government & Elections committee.    

But Missourians across the state are fighting back.  Open Primaries has partnered with The People and a coalition of local organizations to organize thousands of Missourians to call and send emails and postcards targeting legislative leaders. Letters like this are pouring into local newspapers. 


Eric Bronner is one of thousands of  independent Missouri veterans who would be disenfranchised if the bill passes. He has been reaching out to legislative leaders with a simple message: “Missouri veterans have fought hard for this country and for the right for every citizen to vote. The best way for you to support your Missouri veterans today is to support open primary elections.”

You can watch Bronner’s full statement here:

If you are a Missourian or have family or friends in Missouri,  please go to Open Primaries Missouri and get involved. Together, we can make sure that Missouri’s elections stay open to every voter.


Our Virtual Discussion Series is growing! 

Open Primaries has launched a new virtual discussion series featuring many different leaders across the country that are collaborating in the democracy reform movement.  We have two Zoom calls coming up:

  • On Wednesday 5/6/20 at 2pm EST we’ll hear from three of the leading election law experts in the country. Michael Hardy, General Counsel for the National Action Network, Harry Kresky, Counsel to Independent Voting and Open Primaries SVP Jeremy Gruber are co-authors of the Touro Law Review article-Let All Voters Vote: Independents and the Expansion of Voting Rights in the United States.
  • On Wednesday 5/13/20 at 2pm EST we’re partnering with The USC Schwarzenegger Institute to present: Research Roundup: How top two open primaries are disrupting politics as usual in California...and beyond with Professor Christian Grose of USC, and Professor Charles Munger, Jr. of Stanford University. They are the authors of several groundbreaking studies on the impact of the adoption of top two open primaries in California in 2010. Both authors conclude that the reform was successful, resulting in increased electoral competition, responsive politicians, increased voter participation and an overall healthier political culture.

You can register for all our upcoming zoom calls here (please use the drop down feature and select the specific call you want to register for):

And if you missed any of our calls, you can watch them here at your convenience.

Open Primaries and other top election reformers calling on Congress to protect our democracy--

Open Primaries has proudly joined with other leading political reform organizations as part of a National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers statement on voter mobility and reforms to protect our democracy:

“We, the undersigned leaders and builders of the growing nonpartisan reform movement, heartily support lawmakers to move swiftly and decisively on voter mobility legislation for 2020. And during this crisis, our pledge to the American people is that we will redouble our efforts to reform the system top to bottom. A robust and healthy representative democracy is a powerful tool in times of crisis. Our commitment to that will not waver.”

Read the full statement HERE


Open Primaries PA launches campaign to organize independent voters--

Open Primaries PA is looking to organize the over 1,200,000 Pennsylvanians who are barred from participating in the upcoming June 2nd primaries and build support in the state legislature for primary reform.  Coalition member and CEO of the Committee of Seventy, David Thornbugh declared at the launch: 

“We’ve seen for years the consequences of worsening partisanship in electoral campaigns and in gridlocked legislatures. Especially at a time of state and national crisis, it’s imperative that our elections include every Pennsylvanian and incentivize compromise and problem-solving in government. Requiring that candidates campaign to the whole electorate rather than their partisan base will help us get there.”

Learn about the full campaign HERE


Virtual summer camp opportunity for High School students--

Our friends at Civics Unplugged are offering a 9 week virtual summer camp for high school students starting June 1st! 

Over the summer students will learn leadership, community building and civic engagement skills.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young people who want to learn the skills to be an engaged citizen. For more information or to register click HERE

Media Roundup

  • Orlando Sentinel: FL Supreme Court approves top two open primaries measure for the ballot--READ
  • Juneau Empire: Alaskans are determined to take back control of their elections--READ
  • STL Today: Plan for nonpartisan city elections will be on Nov. ballot in St. Louis --READ
  • Herald and News: Oregon Independent Party adopts open Primary and star voting- READ

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