Millions of Floridians Barred from Today’s Pivotal Election - Open Primaries
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Millions of Floridians Barred from Today’s Pivotal Election

Posted on April 04, 2019 at 9:30 AM


Steve Hough

Director, Florida Fair and Open Primaries, Inc.


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Millions of Floridians Barred from Today’s Pivotal Election

Florida Fair and Open Primaries Stands with the People

 Southport, FL (August 28, 2018) – Today’s primary election in Florida is once again being marred by the exclusion of 3.4 million registered independent voters who are barred from participating. As a result, the state now carries the dubious honor of disenfranchising more independents than any other state in the country, with 27% of all registered voters unable to vote. This despite the fact that Florida taxpayers pay over $13 million dollars every election year to finance the primaries.[1]

Florida Fair and Open Primaries (FFAOP), a grassroots non- partisan organization based in Florida, is standing with the people of Florida who are demanding the right to vote for every registered voter and has launched two petitions to place an open primaries amendment on the 2020 ballot.

With recent polling finding 70% of voters-Republicans, Democrats and independents-supporting open primaries in Florida,[2] the state has reached a tipping point. For many Florida voters, the primary election is the only election that matters, with a mere 16% of races in the state considered competitive in the last November general election.

Open primaries was the second most popular issue brought before the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) at nine public hearings held across the state last year, with dozens of Floridians flocking to speak and thousands more signing an online petition in support.

Neither the CRC, nor the state legislature have taken action on this issue.

“If the parties want to continue to have tax-payers fund their primaries, then everyone should be able to participate-it’s that simple. We’re inviting every Floridian to join us in putting an open primaries referendum on the 2020 ballot. Let the voters decide!”

–Steve Hough, Director, Florida Fair and Open Primaries, Inc.

“An open system is better for our state, our people, and even our elected officials. Florida can’t shut out almost a third of voters forever.”

-Tom Cullen, Director of Outreach, Florida Fair and Open Primaries, Inc.

FFAOP is mobilizing a rapidly growing network of supporters of all political persuasions across the state. Circulation of petitions is already underway, with volunteers in fourteen counties making phone calls, attending events to promote open primaries, and collecting petition signatures. Future events are being planned in order to highlight Florida’s closed primary system and to inform the public about a better alternative.

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Steve Hough, Director of Florida Fair and Open Primaries, Inc. (based in Southport, FL.)

Florida Fair and Open Primaries (FFAOP) is a grass roots non-partisan, volunteer organization that supports adding a constitutional amendment to the ballot to change Florida primary elections from a closed system to an open primary system. More information about FFAOP and its work, can be found at

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