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Open Primaries State Partners

  • Alaska--Alaskans For Better Elections
  • California--Independent Voter Project, USC Schwarzenegger Institute
  • Colorado--Let Colorado Vote
  • Florida--Florida Fair & Open Primaries, All Voters Vote, LWV of Florida
  • Maine--Maine Open Primaries
  • Missouri--STL Approves, The People, Clean Missouri, Show Me Integrity
  • New Mexico--New Mexico Open Elections, Common Cause New Mexico
  • Oklahoma--The Oklahoma Academy, Let's Fix This OK
  • Oregon--Oregon Open Primaries
  • Nebraska--Civic Nebraska
  • Nevadans--Nevadans for Election Reform
  • Pennsylvania--Open Primaries PA
  • South Dakota--Open Primaries South Dakota
  • National--The Bridge Alliance,, National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers, Princeton Gerrymandering Project