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Posted by Adriana Espinoza on March 07, 2016 at 7:20 PM


This article was written by Christine Sexton for Politico Florida.

Mar. 7, 2016

TALLAHASSEE — The group Open Primaries has released a poll it conducted among independent voters in Florida showing support for ending the state's system of closed primaries. 

The group's statewide survey of 428 independent voters found 87 percent of those polled said there there needs to be a more inclusive process for registered independents.

Open Primaries president John Opdycke said the findings show that there is “huge political opportunity ” to change Florida’s electorate system so that all voters—even independents—can vote in the primary.

“Voters of Florida have traditionally been receptive to and open about passing electoral reform,” Opdyke told POLITICO Florida in a telephone interview. “I think there is huge political opportunity in Florida in 2018 to put before voters a set of sweeping electoral reforms including moving to a nonpartisan open primary before the voters and it would pass.”

Approximately 27 percent of Florida voters, or 3.25 million people, are registered independents and therefore won’t vote in the March 15 primary.

Open Primaries is a national nonprofit that advocates for nonpartisan primary systems where all candidates appear on a single primary ballot. All voters, regardless of how they are registered, would vote and the top two winners would move on to the general election, regardless of party. 

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