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Posted by Kellie Ryan on November 05, 2015 at 5:11 PM

Arizona organization fighting for non-partisan primary elections

This piece was written by Corbin Carson for KTAR News

PHOENIX — Political parties are using Hispanics like pawns, according to a campaigner for non-partisan primary elections.

Armida Lopez, Latino outreach coordinator for Open Primaries Arizona, said the organization wants every candidate to face every voter in their constituency.

“What we want is for every candidate, regardless of their party affiliation — if they’re red, if they’re blue, [or] independent — every candidate should have to face every voter in their constituency,” she said. “Not just their base.”

The government is constantly gridlocked because candidates only have to hear issues from their base, she said.

“With non-partisan elections, candidates would have to listen to all issues and that would make for better legislation,” she said.

Open Primaries Arizona is campaigning to have a state-wide ballot initiative for Arizona by the November 2016 general election.


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