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Posted by Kellie Ryan on October 05, 2015 at 4:32 PM


More props for Nebraska's nonpartisan Legislature.

This article was written by Don Walton for the Lincoln Journal Star.

Open Primaries, a national organization seeking fundamental election reform, has released a report extolling the Nebraska legislative model and titled "The Myth of the Red State: Policy over Party in the Nebraska State Capitol.""In Nebraska, debates on issues critical to the public prevail over partisan politics," says Jeremy Gruber, author of the report.

"The corrosive effects of partisan gamesmanship are diminished and productive legislating is thriving."

Gruber contrasts the independent record of Nebraska's state senators, including this year's override of three gubernatorial vetoes of legislation that he describes as "progressive reforms," with a congressional delegation that "consistently votes the party line."

Although the governor is a Republican and nearly three-fourths of the state senators are registered Republicans, Gruber noted, the Legislature overrode vetoes of the death penalty repeal, a gas tax increase and the granting of Nebraska driver's licenses to young undocumented immigrants who have protected status to remain here granted by a presidential executive order.

"Nebraska's non-partisan system offers a blueprint of good government and social innovation for issue advocates and political reformers nationwide," he wrote.

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