Open Primaries RoundUP

January 2022: President's Message

OP President John Opdycke lays out 2022 initiatives/What it took to bring open primaries to Maine/Independent voters can’t be ignored/Protecting open primaries: successful defense campaign from the last year

February 2022: Petitions & Initiatives Launch While Closed Primary Bills are Introduced

Open primaries initiatives gain traction across the country/Closed primary bills are introduced in NH & MO/Students for Open Primaries make their case in FL

April 2022: Long-running Campaigns Heat up & Closed Primary Campaigns Successfully Defeated

Critically important new developments in both long-running and emerging campaigns, successfully defeating closed primary efforts in multiple states and a successful annual campaign that has helped position us for the year ahead.

June 2022: Maine, Midterms & Momentum in PA

 A big win for democracy making waves across the country, growing momentum in state campaigns, new research emerging and an explosion of local and national media coverage on the critical need for primary reform.

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