As New York's Democratic and Republican parties set the rules for the 2020 presidential primary elections, they could — and should — open up the primary process and let every unaffiliated New Yorker vote. The Supreme Court has ruled that political parties can allow independents to participate in primary elections without legislative approval.

In 2016, the Democratic Party opened their presidential primaries to independents in Oklahoma, South Dakota, Nebraska, California and Alaska. So did the Republican Party in Alaska. In Florida, another closed primary state, the Democratic Party is openly considering just such an approach after the largest chapter in the state — Miami-Dade — passed a resolution for open primaries last month. It will be debated at their state convention this October.

All of us should have a voice in the nomination of candidates and in the election of candidates. The way to do that is with open primaries. Letting every voter vote should not be controversial. There's still time to open the 2020 presidential primaries in New York. 3.5 million voters are waiting.