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This critical moment represents a brief window where we the people have the power to pressure the parties into real action and open up the primaries nationwide! Help us spread this petition far and wide! We need your help to secure 100,000 signatures!

Click below to download and print files.


Share the Petition in your Community:

Download and print the flyer below to share around your community. You can hand these out in parking lots, leave them at local coffee shops, or post on bulletin boards at libraries, laundry mats, and local colleges. You can also gather signatures yourself by printing the petition and circulating it at local community meetings, festivals, or even going door-to-door in your neighborhood.

When you've finished gathering signatures, scan and email them to [email protected] If traditional mail is easier for you, simply mail your filled-out petitions to Open Primaries, 36 W 25th St, 9th Floor, NY, NY 10010.


             Click Flyer to Print:                                                             Click Petition to Print:


Share the Petition Online:

Make sure to follow us on social media, and share our petition with you own networks. You can also download the graphics below and post them to your social media pages with links to the petition. 





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