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Posted by jesse shayne on July 12, 2016 at 10:48 AM

Open Primaries

Hotlist, Volume 3 

The Establishment Strikes Back

With only a week to go until the Republicans convene in Cleveland, our movement has begun to make the political establishment sweat. In the past two weeks alone, two national news outlets came out against open primaries, offering sophomoric and fallacious opinion pieces that do little to discount the notion that American politics favors the parties ahead of the voters.

  • The USA Today editorial board took Bernie Sanders to ask, so to speak, claiming that his call for an end to superdelegates is “much ado about nothing,” and that his push for open primaries is illegitimate. "Ultimately, Democrats should act in ways they think will help their candidates in the future, not let the second-place guy call the shots." They’re right. Keeping primaries closed WILL help the party retain control over the broken system we have, but it WON’T help voters!
  • Meanwhile, The Washington Post published an op-ed by William M. Daley, who argues that the Democratic Party’s nominating system is NOT defective and IS fair. He attacks open primaries and says that “political parties are not governmental organizations” and should therefore be allowed to set the rules for their own primaries, yet fails to mention the fact that taxpayer money FUNDS those very elections (although he does express contempt that Bernie is still receiving Secret Service protection at the cost of taxpayers -- how ironic).

Two takeaways:

  1. The timing is surely impeccable. Why go after open primaries just ten days before the first convention begins, and with such weak arguments? Because the establishment is desperate, and they are terrified because this movement has grown far bigger (and enjoys 70% approval rating in recent polls) than they ever imagined it would, and could translate into meaningful change.
  2. The fact that the establishment thinks that the average American voter is so stupid that they can subject them to false logic and empty rhetoric -- baseless arguments and subjective retorts with a clearly biased agenda -- and that they won’t know any better.

Here’s the good news, though: the establishment is wrong. The average American voter is vastly intelligent and knows that this system is broken -- and that is EXACTLY why so many Americans expressed their frustration amid this election in which 26.3 million voters were barred from voting and the nominees both have approval ratings below fifty percent.

The Movement Grows

People are speaking up about open primaries, and not just American voters. In the past week we saw two more celebrity endorsements -- from Rosario Dawson, who signed and tweeted out our petition, and Nina Turner. And former presidential candidate Lenora Fulani -- the first woman to qualify for the presidential ballot in all 50 states -- wrote a letter in support of our movement. We made this graphic of her:

Countless well-known activists, celebrities, luminaries, and politicians continue to talk about the need for primary reform, and that is precisely why the establishment is so afraid of us. More importantly, millions of Americans have started to question the wisdom of a system that is both arbitrary and discriminatory.

Our petition broke 30,000 signatures last week, and we received more than 1,000 over July 4th weekend alone -- another successful weekend mobilization effort by our awesome volunteers across the country.

We are trying to reach 100,000 signatures in the next week, but we need your help. Please consider donating $10 to our campaign so that we can effectively organize and get this petition into the hands of the right people at the conventions. We have delegates who are interested in helping us raise our concerns, but we want more signatures because every additional voice adds strength to our movement. Just $10 can help us reach up to 1,000 potential new signers through digital advertising and targeting. Your support means everything to us.

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