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Open Primaries Newsletter (February 2019)

Posted by Russell Daniels on April 01, 2019 at 4:33 PM

  1. Maryland Governor advocates for open primaries: Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) appeared on C-SPAN and was asked "if he could change something about the system in his state" what would it be? His response? Open the primaries to the 800K voters in Maryland who are currently locked out taxpayer-funded primaries. Watch the full video below:
  2. An effort to open the 2020 presidential primaries heats up in AZ: As we get closer to the 2020 presidential primaries the pressure is mounting on both political parties across the country to open the process to include all voters. In Arizona, State Senator Martin Quezada (D) has introduced a bill that would do just that (30% of AZ voters are independents and shut out). Quezada asked: “Why not require our candidates to speak to more people, to get more support for their ideas and concepts? I think it’s a good thing." 
  3. Measure to open primaries in New Mexico advances: House Bill 93, would open primary elections in New Mexico to all voters, has cleared a House committee hearing in a vote of 3-2. One legislator openly decried the taxpayer funding of party primaries. Get the latest updates on Open Primaries Education Fund's landmark lawsuit challenging taxation without representation.
  4. Governor Schwarzenegger joins Katie Fahey and Kent Thiry to stand for electoral reform: Governor Schwarzenegger joined Katie Fahey of Voters not Politicians which recently enacted gerrymandering reform in Michigan and Kent Thiry of Let Colorado Vote which led the successful charge for open primaries and redistricting reform in Colorado to call for “we the people” to continue to fight and take back our democracy.  They declared: "The one-two punch of fair districts drawn by independent redistricting commissions, plus open primaries, makes elections fairer and more competitive."

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