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Posted by John Opdycke on November 17, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Open Primaries: The Fight Goes On


Open Primaries worked hard in Oregon to pass measure 90 — Oregon’s open primaries initiative. We came up short.

There was a lot of misinformation coming from the opposition. They tried to paint this as an initiative that would give voters less choice — the opposite of what would actually happen if all 650,000 of Oregon’s registered Independents could vote in the primaries. The opposition worked hard to instill fear in systematic change.

While 75% of Republicans and Democrats voted, only 57% of registered independents turned out on November 4th.

As a movement to shake up the status quo, the long term challenge we face is motivating voters (independents and millennials especially) who are most turned off by politics as usual to use their voice for change. The voters, not the political parties, should have the power. No American should be required to register with a party in order to exercise his or her right to vote. These are simple principles. But they represent a radical departure from politics-as-usual.

Open Primaries is a new organization, and we are just getting started. Our focus is on all 50 states. Our time frame is a long one, and our commitment is to opening up the process and leveling the playing field. Changing the electoral system is hard, but it needs to happen, and we need your help – in Oregon and across the country.

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