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Unrig it 2020

One thing united American voters this election year: the growing frustration with a political system that is broken, rigged, unfair –choose your favorite adjective.

As a country, we need a new way forward, one that unites Americans with different beliefs and backgrounds. We need an electoral system that makes that possible. 26.3 million independent voters were barred from participating in the Presidential Primary this year, and millions more registered Democrats and Republicans were prevented from voting for the candidate of their choice because of a patchwork of restrictive registration rules. From New York to Arizona, voters across the country -- whose tax dollars fund the primary process -- were denied the right to fully participate. It’s not hard to understand why voter turnout has hit a 20-year low and 70% of all Americans now support open primaries.

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Open Our Democracy

Washington is a mess. Gerrymandering and closed partisan primaries have created a gulf between the US Congress and theAmerican people. And that gulf is growing every day.

One member of Congress is saying “enough is enough!”

Congressman John Delaney has introduced the Open Our Democracy Act to create open primaries and end partisan gerrymandering for all federal elections.

He is standing up to the entire Washington establishment. Will you stand with him?

Send your congressional representatives an email in support of the Open Our Democracy Act today. Let’s get this bill a hearing and send a message to John Delaney that we have his back.

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What we Accomplished in 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported the Open Primaries movement in 2016. We accomplished more this year than we could have ever imagined, thanks in large part to our volunteers and activists from across the country.

When 2016 began, open primaries was a fringe issue, but now we know that 70 percent of Americans support us. Thousands of voters from every state stood up and demanded change from the parties this year, and as a result, our movement grew immensely and another state passed open primaries. Voters are now organizing in states across the country, from New York to Oregon, to restore our democracy.

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Let Colorado Vote, led by Colorado business leader Kent Thiry, gathered over 300,000 signatures to place two ballot measures on the 2016 ballot, both of which passed. Proposition 107 will bring back the Colorado presidential primary and allow independent voters to participate, and Proposition 108 will make statewide (taxpayer-funded) primaries open to all voters.

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South Dakota

In 2016, Open Primaries supported a ballot referendum campaign in South Dakota -- Vote Yes on V -- to enact a nonpartisan public primary system. The campaign gathered thousands of signatures to successfully secure a line on the general election ballot; it had the support of a diverse group of South Dakota political leaders -- Democrats, Republicans, and independents, from East River and West River -- responding to the national anger of an election system rigged against the voters. Open Primaries worked with local leadership to support the campaign.

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Presidential Primary Petition

Following a contentious presidential primary cycle in which open primaries became a mainstream political issue -- with 70% of Americans favoring the cause -- we launched a national petition calling on the Republican Party and Democratic Party to open the presidential primaries in all 50 states, starting in 2020.

Over 40,000 voters from all 50 states signed the petition and we submitted a resolution to a vote at the DNC Rules Committee meeting. Although the resolution did not pass, it was historic in that it was the first time that either major party ever considered such a measure, and it forced the DNC to establish a commission to study and develop the issue.

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In 2015-16, Open Primaries partnered with former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson on a campaign to place a nonpartisan primaries referendum on the 2016 ballot. Although the campaign ultimately failed to to get a measure on the ballot, it did make strides in assembling a strong coalition of independent activists, elected officials, business leaders and Latino activists from across the political spectrum.

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New York


In July, 2014, Senator Chuck Schumer wrote an editorial in the New York Times advocating for open, nonpartisan primaries. The Independence Party of New York City and Open Primaries partnered on a petition campaign to open the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary to independent voters.

Our petition, which received over 7,000 signatures, asks Senator Schumer to urge the New York Democratic Party to open their 2016 Presidential Primary.

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In 2014 Open Primaries worked with the Yes on 90 coalition to advocate for Measure 90 in Oregon, which if passed would change Oregon’s closed primary system to a Top Two, nonpartisan primary.

The measure was rejected by Oregon voters in November 2014. Open Primaries president John Opdycke said,

“I congratulate the Yes on 90 coalition for their hard work. The inclusion of all voters in the process remains our national focus, and this is strongly resisted by the political parties.”


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