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Past Virtual DIscussions

The Open Primaries virtual discussions series highlights the many different leaders across the country collaborating and coming together in the democracy reform movement. 




  • 4/29/2020-Jacqueline Salit, President of Independent Voting, and Thom Reilly, Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education. They are co-authors of a chapter in the recently published Democracy Unchained: How to Rebuild Government for the PeopleTheir chapter, Can Independent Voters Save American Democracy?, explores how the rapid rise of independent voters will have lasting effects on our politics and system of representative government--WATCH


  • 5/6/2020-Michael Hardy, General Counsel for the National Action Network, Harry Kresky, Counsel to Independent Voting, and Open Primaries SVP Jeremy Gruber. They are co-authors of the Touro Law Review article: Let All Voters Vote: Independents and the Expansion of Voting Rights in the United States. It is a comprehensive review of the legal fights and precedents that shape the current controversy around primary reform and nonpartisan electoral systems.  It begins and ends with making the case that fully enfranchising independents is the next step in the expansion of voting rights in the United States--WATCH


  • 5/13/2020-Co-sponsored w/ The Schwarzenegger Institute. Research Roundup: How top two open primaries are disrupting politics as usual in California...and beyond with Professor Christian Grose of USC, and Dr. Charles Munger, Jr. of Stanford University. They are the authors of several groundbreaking studies on the impact of the adoption of top two open primaries in California. Both authors conclude that the reform was successful, resulting in increased electoral competition, responsive politicians, increased voter participation and an overall healthier political culture--WATCH


  • 5/20/2020-the movement for change in St. Louis. St. Louis is one of only a few remaining major cities that conduct partisan municipal elections. Candidates regularly come into office with a minority of the vote. The STL Approves Campaign is hoping to change that.  We were joined by Benjamin Singer, a member of the campaign steering committee, local civil rights leader and supporter Reverend Darryl Gray, and campaign partner and national expert on approval voting Aaron Hamlin, the Executive Director of the Center for Election ScienceSTL Approves’  “Proposition D for Democracy” has recently been certified for the  2020 November ballot  This comes after organizers collected 20,000 signatures, twice as many as were needed to qualify. 72% of voters now support the measure--WATCH

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