Past Virtual DIscussions Series - Open Primaries
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Past Virtual DIscussions

The Open Primaries virtual discussions series highlights the many different leaders across the country collaborating and coming together in the democracy reform movement. 


  • Will Florida let ALL voters vote? (Part 1)  A conversation with Glenn Burhans, the campaign manager for Florida’s All Voters Vote campaign for top two open primaries-on the ballot this November-and its potential impact on the state and the country--


  • Nevada: political reform in a key swing state: NV State Senator Ben Kieckhefer talks about his initiative for top two open primaries and how it could change politics as usual in the silver state--WATCH


  • Can Independent voters save American Democracy? Jacqueline Salit, President of, and Dr. Thom Reilly, Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education, discuss their recent study of the rise of independent voters and their increasing impact on our political discourse--WATCH


  • Independent Voters, Civil Rights & Voting Rights: Attorneys Michael Hardy, Harry Kresky & Jeremy Gruber make the case that fully enfranchising independents is the next critical step in expanding voting rights in America--WATCH


  • Top two open primaries transformed California politics: Co-Sponsored w/ the USC Schwarzenegger Institute.  Professor Christian Grose & Dr Charles Munger use their groundbreaking research to show how top two open primaries have revitalized California’s political landscape--WATCH


  • The fight for Democracy & community empowerment in St. Louis: Reverend Darryl Gray, Benjamin Singer & Aaron Hamlin discuss the Measure D for Democracy campaign for open primaries and approval voting in St. Louis, a city where the gap between the political insiders and the community is expanding rapidly--WATCH


  • Will Florida let ALL voters vote? (Part 2) Mike Fernandez, Steve Vancore, Gene Stearns & Glenn Burhans discuss the progress and challenges of the All Voters Vote campaign to enact top two open primaries in Florida as they head towards a historic November vote--WATCH





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