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Open Our Democracy in Illinois

Illinois' Elections should belong to people, not parties. Support the Open Our Democracy Act to give power back to the voters.




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About the Open Our Democracy Act

"The Congress that works best for America is the Congress that best reflects America” — U.S. Congressman John Delaney


Partisanship and polarization are making it impossible for all Americans to have their voices heard in our democracy. Our Congress is the most dysfunctional in history, average Americans are tuning out in droves, and the situation is only getting worse. We need to get our elected officials working again, but a change of that magnitude requires a disruption of the status quo. That’s why Congressman John Delaney has introduced H.R. 2655, the Open Our Democracy Act of 2015.

Open Primaries: The Open Our Democracy Act makes every House and Senate primary election into top two primaries, a new primary system adopted by several states. All candidates appear on a single primary ballot regardless of party affiliation. The top two candidates from the primary proceed to the general election. Not only does this system give a voice to the millions of unaffiliated voters currently excluded from primary elections, but studies show it creates better legislators who listen more to voters than to special interests.

Redistricting Reform: This Open Our Democracy Act will require Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a study and recommend federal standards requiring the creation of independent redistricting commissions in every state.

Time Off on Election Day:The Open Our Democracy Act would treat General Election Day as a federal holiday, providing millions of workers with the freedom and flexibility they need to cast their votes.

The Open Our Democracy Act will:

  • Give freedom to all voters to participate in the primary process.

  • End the backward practice of letting politicians choose their voters.

  • Increase voter participation by treating Election Day as a federal holiday.

  • Return power to voters instead of special interests.