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What's Happening Around the Country

  • After being denied a vote in the 2016 presidential primary, independent activist and lawyer Mark Moody filed a lawsuit against the NY Board of Elections on the grounds that the state's closed primary system is unconstitutional. He will stand before the New York State Supreme Court on December 6th.
  • In 2016, the voters of Colorado passed two ballot provisions that will allow for open primaries at every level.
  • Virginia General Assembly Delegate Sam Rasoul introduced HJ 541, a constitutional amendment that would adopt a nonpartisan, public primary system in Virginia.
  • A bipartisan coalition led an effort to introduce a nonpartisan, public primary system in South Dakota in 2016. Nearly 45% of South Dakotans voted in favor of Amendment V, but ultimately, their efforts to challenge party control of elections came just short. South Dakotans for a Nonpartisan Democracy Submitted over 39,000 Signatures to the South Dakota Secretary of State to place an initiative for nonpartisan elections on the 2016 ballot.