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Primary type definitions

Open, nonpartisan primary

An Open, nonpartisan primary eliminate partisan primaries in favor of a single nonpartisan primary open to all voters, including independents, with the top (two or four) vote getters regardless of party, moving on to the general election. 



In an open primary, any registered voter may participate in the primaries, regardless or political affiliation. However, voters must choose one party’s ballot.



A mixed primary incorporates elements of open and closed primaries. In most mixed primary states, the power to choose who can vote in primaries falls to the political parties. Some states permit independents to vote without altering their unaffiliated status, while others require a day-of declaration of party affiliation. However, these rules vary greatly from state-to-state.



In a closed primary, only party affiliated voters may vote in their party’s primary. Generally, voters must have been registered with that party before Primary Day (or other specified deadline). No unaffiliated voter may participate.


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