Protecting Open Primaries

There has been a growing effort by partisan legislatures over the last five years to move legislation aimed at closing their state’s primaries. Their math is simple: closed primaries give them-not the people- more control over the election process.  During the 2021 legislative calendar alone, there were “close the primaries” legislative efforts in Utah, Missouri, Virginia, New Hampshire, West Virginia, and Louisiana.  There was also significant internal party discussions and debate in South Carolina, Tennessee, Montana, Georgia, Wyoming and Arkansas.   Open Primaries monitors these efforts and runs opposition campaigns where needed. 

When closed primary legislation was introduced in Utah in 2021, we worked with our partners at the Electoral Innovation Lab at Princeton to debunk the claims made by the bill’s sponsors.  Our report generated front page news, editorial support for maintaining open primaries, and significant pressure on the bill’s sponsor, who ultimately rolled back the legislation. 

In Louisiana, a closed primary bill introduced by insider Republicans and Democrats was defeated after an effort led by Sen. Bill Cassidy and Open Primaries pressured leadership to withdraw the legislation.

Similar efforts in Missouri have prevented closed primary legislation from advancing out of the House of Representatives over several sessions.

Since 2015, we have successfully defeated every bill introduced to close the primaries.  

But “close the primary” advocates are just getting started. Right now, Show Me Integrity is leading the fight to protect Proposition D for Democracy in St. Louis, the monumental piece of legislation that passed with over 68% of the vote in 2020 and replaced closed, partisan primaries with a nonpartisan primary in which all voters and candidates compete. 

We anticipate closed primary legislative efforts in as many as 12 states this year. Read Open Primaries Senior VP Jeremy Gruber’s recent testimony in opposition to HB1166 to close New Hampshire’a primaries and follow this page for updates on all our 2022 defense campaigns. 

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