New Hampshire - Open Primaries
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Primary Elections State By State



  • Democratic congressional and state primaries: mixed
  • Republican congressional and state primaries: mixed
  • Democratic Presidential primary: mixed
  • Republican Presidential primary: mixed


Primary Type Definitions



  • Voters may or may not choose to affiliate with a political party, however, affiliation with a party is required to vote in primary elections.
  • 42% of New Hampshire voters are registered as undeclared.


Details of voting in congressional and state primary elections:

  • Voters must affiliate with a party to participate in that party's primary.
  • An unaffiliated voter may choose one party's ballot, which makes them a registered member of that party. However, temporary affiliation is possible, as voters can fill out a card at the polling place to return to undeclared status after the vote is cast. For this reason, New Hampshire allows same day registration for unaffiliated voters.
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