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Primary Elections State By State



  • Democratic congressional and state primaries: closed
  • Republican congressional and state primaries: closed
  • Democratic Presidential primary: closed
  • Republican Presidential primary: closed


Primary Type Definitions



  • Voters may or may not choose to affiliate with a political party, however, affiliation with a party is required to vote in primary elections.
  • 25% of New York voters are registered as "other" or with the Independence Party.


Details of voting in congressional and state primary elections:

  • Voters must affiliate with a party to vote in that party's primary election.
  • Voters must file a party change at least 25 days before the previous general election.




The Independence Party of New York City and Open Primaries partnered on a petition campaign to open the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary to independent voters.

Senator Chuck Schumer wrote an editorial in the New York Times advocating for open, nonpartisan primaries.

Our petition, which received over 7,000 signatures, asks Senator Schumer to urge the New York Democratic Party to open their 2016 Presidential Primary to independent voters.





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