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Primary Elections State By State



  • Democratic congressional and state primaries: closed
  • Republican congressional and state primaries: closed
  • Democratic Presidential primary: closed
  • Republican Presidential primary: closed


Primary Type Definitions



  • Voters may or may not choose to affiliate with a political party, however, affiliation with a party is required to vote in primary elections.
  • 30% of Oregon voters are registered as nonaffiliated or independent.


Details of voting in congressional and state primary elections:

  • Voters must affiliate with a party in order to vote in that party's primary.
  • Voter registration closes 21 days before the election.




In 2014 Open Primaries worked with the Yes on 90 coalition to advocate for Measure 90 in Oregon, which if passed would change Oregon’s closed primary system to a Top Two, nonpartisan primary.

The measure was rejected by Oregon voters in November 2014. Open Primaries president John Opdycke said,

“I congratulate the Yes on 90 coalition for their hard work. The inclusion of all voters in the process remains our national focus, and this is strongly resisted by the political parties.”


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