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Posted by jesse shayne on June 30, 2016 at 5:59 PM

Updates on our Plans

For the past month, we have been staging a petition calling on the rules committees of the parties to amend the primary rules at their respective conventions next month, and adopt open primaries for all future presidential races. With just two weeks to go until the Republican Convention begins, our priority is to secure as many signatures as possible. Over 30,000 Americans, who are tired of their tax dollars funding elections in which they cannot participate, have already signed, and we are trying to reach 100,000 signatures before July 18th.

The level of support for this campaign -- and our broader movement in general -- continues to surpass our wildest expectations. Our dedicated volunteers have poured hundreds of hours into this moment. People from all walks of life -- all across the country and from every political faction imaginable -- have heard our call to restore our democracy by placing the power back in the hands of the voters, and not the parties.

For the next two weeks, we will be staging canvassing events across the country, and are asking anyone interested in our movement to create their own petitioning events and get people organized in their local communities. The petition can be found here, and all other volunteer resources that you might need are available in our volunteer toolkit.

During Independence Day weekend in particular, we are hoping to ramp up our signature total with a concerted petition drive across the country, led of course by our valiant volunteers. Please, take a look at this weekend's events, create your own, and get your friends and family mobilized around the issue. Let's restore our democracy in honor of the anniversary of our independence!

Join us this weekend, and over the next two weeks, as we fight to restore power to the voters.

Thank you,
Open Primaries

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