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Posted by Kellie Ryan on February 12, 2015 at 12:00 PM

VIDEO: New Yorkers ask for open primaries

Open Primaries team members Zach Handler and Russell Daniels took to the streets of New York to talk to voters about the election process. Many New York residents were surprised to learn that 2.9 million independent voters in the state are currently locked out of voting in the primary elections. 

Senator Chuck Schumer wrote an Op-ed in the New York Times advocating for the end of partisan primaries and encouraging a shift to Nonpartisan Top Two primaries in all 50 states. Open Primaries has partnered with the Independence Party of New York City to ask Senator Schumer urge the New York Democratic Party to open the 2016 presidential primary to independent voters. We are aiming to gather and present Senator Schumer with 7,500 + signatures by March 13th

Independent voters pay taxes. The 2016 Presidential Primary will be funded using taxpayer dollars. As one New Yorker put it, "We're getting robbed." Sign the petition to urge Senator Schumer to lead the movement! We can’t expect our frustration with government to change until we change how we elect our government officials. This reform is absolutely necessary to ensure independents are included in every stage of the election process.

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